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International Women’s Day: Awesome Israeli Women







Pets in Tel Aviv

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“This city estimated it is home to 30,000 dogs, along with 413,000 people. Ahead of its dog festival, called Kelaviv (a portmanteau of “kelev,” Hebrew for “dog,” and Tel Aviv), Tel Aviv declared itself the friendliest world city for dogs, with the most dogs per capita.

(New York City put the number of dogs in the Big Apple at 600,000, with a population of 8.6 million humans, yielding a ratio just a fraction of a percent lower than Tel Aviv’s — but who’s counting?)”

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Israeli Humanitarian Aid

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“The military’s field hospital is “not just some medics and doctors spread out in the field”; rather it is a “national treasure” that has the capabilities of an advanced, permanent hospital but can be set up almost anywhere in under 12 hours, Merin told The Times of Israel last month.

Israeli disaster relief delegations — some of them led by Merin — have been some of the first and largest to arrive at the scenes of natural disasters. Teams from the IDF Medical Corps and Home Front Command provided rescue and medical services after an earthquake in Turkey in 1999, an earthquake in Haiti in 2010, a typhoon in the Philippines in 2013 and, most recently, an earthquake in Nepal in 2015.”

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The Israel-South African Relationship

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“Speaking after a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, Pelser was emphatic that “the [Israeli] 1948 claim is a just one, and I think that reasonable people should recognize that.”

Beyond that, he said, “I think the challenge for me is to distinguish which of the criticisms [of Israel] are motivated by fear and a hatred of Jewish people — some are, but not all are — and which criticisms would improve the lot of Jews and non-Jews, and those in the neighborhood.'”

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Israeli Aid to Syria

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“Israel and its northern neighbor have formally been at war for seven decades. But following the outbreak of the civil war, the Jewish state has been treating Syrian casualties, including wounded fighters. More than 2,000 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals since 2013, according to the Israeli army. Still, Israeli civilians, who are forbidden to enter Syria both under Israeli and Syrian law, have had little ability to act on any sympathy they may feel for the war-struck nation.

But two recent Israeli civilian initiatives, driven by the oath of “never again” — understood by Jews worldwide as a moral imperative to prevent any genocide after the Holocaust — are giving everyday Israelis a chance to help.”

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