“This city estimated it is home to 30,000 dogs, along with 413,000 people. Ahead of its dog festival, called Kelaviv (a portmanteau of “kelev,” Hebrew for “dog,” and Tel Aviv), Tel Aviv declared itself the friendliest world city for dogs, with the most dogs per capita.

(New York City put the number of dogs in the Big Apple at 600,000, with a population of 8.6 million humans, yielding a ratio just a fraction of a percent lower than Tel Aviv’s — but who’s counting?)

Dogs crowd the streets of Tel Aviv, encouraged by its year-round sunshine and walkability. They’re allowed in most cafes, stores and even high-end restaurants, as well as on city buses and trains and in taxi vans. Tel Aviv boasts 70 dog parks and four dog beaches. The regular parks and legally dog-free beaches have their fair share of dogs, too, many of them off-leash regardless of regulations.”

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